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Peace Quilters


Peace Quilters started in the 1960's when there was a need for Lutheran World Relief quilts.  They were needed for the homeless in our nation's cities and for countries overseas.


The quilts were originally made in the Fellowship Hall with the ladies working one day a week during the winter months.  All the quilting supplies had to be put away in boxes at the end of the day and stored in the Sunday School rooms.


The material used was from clothing ripped apart, scraps from other sewing, used sheets, etc.  Odds and ends of yarn were used for tying.  Portable sewing machines were brought in to finish the quilts.


Through the following years the number of quilts made grew from 80 some a year to as many as 350.  There are twenty or so regular members of the quilting group today.  Some do quilting work at home, such as cutting out blocks or tying quilts.  A lot of new material is used, purchased with money given for quilts sold at our annual show and sale.  We use new batting in our quilts also.


We have purchased 3 new sewing machines and they are used every week for hemming and binding the edges of all quilts.


In 1996, the church added new Sunday School rooms and the quilters got to use the 3 basement rooms for quilting.  There was room for 3 sewing machines and 8 tables to cut out, tie and put together the quilts.  The shelves are full of material and sheets to use for backs.


Our baby quilts are given to new babies in the congregation when they are baptized.  High school graduates also receive a quilt upon graduating.  When a member enters the nursing home, we give them a lap robe.


We give a quilt to the annual hospital fair in Rock Rapids.  A quilt was given to the Lyon County Historical Society this year for display.  We have also given quilts to fire victims or those who have had their home destroyed in a tornado.


We gave 150 big and baby quilts to Orphan Grain Train in April 2010 and over 100 quilts to Haiti following the earthquake.


After our 7th annual show and sale, the remaining quilts were distributed to the following places in Sioux Falls:  Children's Inn, Children's Hospital, Alpha Center, Children's Home Society, Project Linus, McCrossan Boys Ranch, Furniture Mission, Good Shepherd.


Peace Quilters send quilts to Camp Okoboji for the annual quilt auction to raise funds for the camp.  


We normally quilt every Wednesday from 9 am to 4 pm from September through April.  We also take orders for special theme quilts and sell baby and big quilts year round.  We enjoy coffee and fellowship and invite anyone interested to join us.


Daughters of Peace


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